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Fleet Painting – For businesses with a fleet of commercial vehicles, we offer expert fleet painting services. Make your vehicles stand out with our professional paint jobs.

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Travel trailer repair-At RV Paint Department, we prioritize the importance of maintaining your trailer in top-notch condition.

Our experienced technicians are available around the clock, ready to provide superior trailer repair, maintenance, and service.

Discover seamless RV restoration with our Mobile RV Body Repair Service. Say goodbye to transportation hassles as our skilled technicians bring the repair shop to your doorstep. Specializing in fiberglass repair, dent removal, and scratch repair, we ensure your home on wheels looks flawless. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and eco-friendly practices sets us apart. Get a transparent on-site assessment and estimate. Book our convenient and sustainable service for a pristine RV beginning. Your journey deserves perfection. Contact us today!

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  • RV Services :”Discover comprehensive RV service and repair solutions at our trusted facility. From expert appliance diagnostics to interior upgrades, we ensure your motorhome is road-ready. Explore warranty-backed repairs, seamless insurance coordination, and enjoy the convenience of mobile RV service. Our skilled technicians handle everything from slideout adjustments to generator servicing, providing top-notch care for your home on wheels. Elevate your RV experience with our affordable, reliable, and SEO-friendly services, tailored for your peace of mind and on-the-road enjoyment.”

Fiberglass Repair – Damaged fiberglass can be a headache, but not for us. We excel in fiberglass repair, restoring your RV or truck to its pristine condition.

Truck Bodies – Need customized truck bodies? Look no further. We can design and fabricate truck bodies to meet your specific needs.

RV Roof Repair and Paint – Your RV’s roof is crucial for protection. Trust us for roof repairs and refreshing paint jobs to extend the life of your RV.

Boats, Trailers, and Heavy Equipment – We don’t just stop at RVs and trucks. We also provide expert services for boats, trailers, and heavy equipment.

Commercial Finishes and Coatings – When it comes to commercial vehicles and equipment, our finishes and coatings are designed for durability and aesthetics.

Plastic Repair – Plastic parts on your vehicles or equipment can wear out. Let us handle plastic repair with precision.

Commercial Trucks and Trailers – Our expertise extends to commercial trucks and trailers, ensuring they meet safety and aesthetic standards.

Farm Equipment – Agricultural equipment needs special care. We’re here to maintain and repair your farm equipment for peak performance.

Concrete Pumpers – Trust us with concrete pumper maintenance and repair, so you can keep construction projects on track.

Commercial Trailer Sand Blasting and Fabrication – Sandblasting and fabrication services are available to give your trailers a fresh start.

Replace Aluminum Panels and Trailer Parts – We can replace aluminum panels and trailer parts to keep your vehicles looking and functioning their best.

Top Brands We Serve – We work with top brands like Kenworth, Great Dane, National, International, Mack, Armor Lite, and more.

At RV Paint Department, we’re your one-stop shop for all things RV and commercial vehicle-related. Our experienced team, dedication to quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction make us the preferred choice for RV enthusiasts and businesses alike.

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Luxury RV Brands


What would you do if you won the lottery? Many RVers are quick to answer that they would purchase a better motorhome or travel trailer; potentially even a luxury RV. That said, not many campers know what RV brand they might be looking at. That’s where this piece comes into play.

There are a number of fantastic luxury RV manufacturers out there. Below, we will list our top 8 picks, split between 4 motorhome makers and 4 trailer companies. Whether you’re actually looking to purchase a luxury RV or just daydreaming about “someday,” these incredible motorhome and trailer brands are sure to have you drooling.


Image source: tiffin

Top 4 Luxury Motorhome Brands

First, let’s talk about luxury motorhomes. Because the vast majority of campers out there would choose a motorhome if money played no part in the decision making, most luxury RV brands are in the business of making motorhomes. Therefore, we had a tough time narrowing our options to only four luxury motorhome manufacturers. We did manage it however, and our top picks are listed below.


While Newmar doesn’t list all of its RVs as “luxury” units, we think everything they have to offer is top-of-the-line. That said, those that they do list as “luxury” really shine as incredible rigs. These are incredibly well-thought-out, and every single detail is just perfect.

Of the Newmar luxury RVs, the “King Aire” is, in our opinion, the most luxurious. This class A motorhome features tasteful, modern decor, heated seating and floors, stainless steel appliances (including an enormous fridge), a bedroom fireplace, and more.

Newell Coach

Newell Coach is another wonderful luxury RV manufacturer. This company builds custom motorcoaches that are sure to please even the most discerning of RVers, but does also offer some brand new pre-built inventory for those who need their motorhome in a hurry.

Some of the options offered by Newell Coach include top-of-the-line entertainment systems, floor plans to suit every need, and appliances such as garbage disposals, induction cooktops, full sized ovens, washers and dryers, and dishwashers.


A smaller, family-run business, Tiffin takes their time with each customer and each motorhome, ensuring they only put out the best of the best. Still, the company manages to offer luxury at a slightly lower price than the other options listed, something many RVers love.

Add-on features available from Tiffin include things like collision avoidance, in-dash navigation, a central vacuum cleaner, fireplaces, a two-door fridge, mattress upgrades, and more.

Marchi Mobile

Marchi Mobile creates a seriously odd-looking motorhome. That said, the “eleMMent Palazzo Superior” is also the most luxurious motorhome on our list.

This incredible RV looks something like a spaceship, and offers better stability and insulation than any other RV we’ve ever seen. With the push of a button, an automatic lift system raises up out of the body of the rig, creating a walled-in rooftop deck that is perfect for gathering with friends.

Different temperature zones can be set throughout the rig, and little upgrades such as a wine cabinet, ice maker, and king-size bed ensure the user lives in comfort even in the middle of nowhere.

travel trailer

Top 4 Luxury Trailer BrandsOf course, there’s no reason a travel trailer or fifth wheel can’t be luxurious too, and there are some luxury trailer brands on the market. In fact some of the luxury trailers out there are really amazing, and we would definitely consider choosing one of these over a motorhome in certain situations.Here are our top luxury trailer picks.AirstreamPerhaps the most well-known travel trailer company in the world, Airstream makes incredibly high quality products that many classify as luxury trailers. We do have to agree that the quality and comfort offered by an Airstream does land it a step ahead of most, earning it the top mention on our luxury trailer list.One of the features you’ll find in Airstream trailers is what they call Smart Control Technology. This allows you to control the lights, awning, A/C, and heater from a distance.Other great features include stainless steel appliances, a heated shower floor and towel bar, handcrafted cabinetry, power blinds, and high quality furnishings.BowlusA whole line of interesting-looking RVs, the Bowlus travel trailers are sure to catch your eye. These trailers are shiny like an Airstream, but with an unusual shape that we just love.Currently, Bowlus offers three trailer models. Some of the features found in these models include a Pet-Flex system that monitors temperatures when you leave pets at home and includes slide-out pet bowls, a HEPA air filter with UVC, an incredible built-in water filtration system, GPS tracking, a smart brake controller, and more.Living VehicleWant the ability to go completely off-grid and do some incredibly eco-friendly camping? If so, the Living Vehicle trailer is the perfect option for you. This trailer was designed by a couple with the intention of creating a self-supporting sustainable mobile living space.This beautiful trailer includes everything you need to live off-grid, including a full solar setup, a 100-gallon freshwater tank, and a tankless water heater. There are also options to add more solar panels, an onboard water filtering sterilization, and more.Space CraftFinally, there is SpaceCraft. This company makes custom trailers that are absolutely incredible. The trailers are enormous, with some as long as 57 feet. Of course, those bigger rigs require the user to tow with a semi.Options include king size beds, huge refrigerators, washer and dryer units, multiple bedrooms, and more. Best of all, these trailers offer an incredible amount of space, something most RVers truly value.rv repairImage source: tiffinrv shop
he Benefits of Purchasing a Luxury RVWhy would one need such a luxurious RV? Well, to be honest, nobody needs one of these rigs. That said there are definitely benefits to having a more luxurious camping setup.These benefits include, but certainly aren’t limited to, the following:Better BuildGenerally speaking, higher-end RVs are built better. This means the materials used to build these rigs are stronger and less likely to break or become damaged. It also means more care was likely taken during the building process, leading to a stronger, sturdier construction that will last longer than a typical RV might.Higher Quality FurnishingsLuxury RVs also use higher quality furnishings. The couches, beds, chairs, and other furniture items will likely outlast the furniture in a run-of-the-mill RV. Additionally, this furniture is likely to be more comfortable.Luxurious AmenitiesThe amenities in luxury RVs can be absolutely out of this world. Heated floors, full size bathtubs, intercom systems, marble countertops, and recessed ceilings are just a few of the amazing amenities you might find in one of these luxury rigs. These awesome features allow you to camp in style.More Comfortable RideLastly, it should be mentioned that luxury RVs tend to offer a more comfortable ride than other motorhomes. Collision avoidance systems help keep you safe, high-end navigation systems make it easy to know where to go, and more comfortable seating means fewer back aches.Obviously, having a luxury RV would be a dream come true. However, nobody necessarily needs all of these amazing things to go camping, and a less luxurious but equally fun travel trailer or motorhome will still take you on plenty of fun adventures. Still, a person can dream—and in the meantime, that same person can continue to enjoy RVing adventures in whatever rig they can get their hands on.Luxury Camping AccessoriesSome RV accessories go above and beyond when you’re looking to ride in style. Here are a few worth coveting.1. Motorized AwningsImage via carefreeofcolorado.comFrom keeping your rig cool to creating a shady spot to kick back, there’s no doubt that your RV’s awning is important. But if you drive an older-model rig, you’re likely sick of manually cranking it out and rolling it back up again every time you hit a new destination.Motorized RV awnings make getting your patio set up as easy as pushing a button. And yes, you can install one on your existing RV as an aftermarket part — it’s not even that expensive! For instance, the is less than $800 on Amazon including shipping. Sure, you’ll have to set it up… but once you do, you’ll be done fussing with it for the foreseeable future.2. WiFi BoostersIn today’s all-digital-all-the-time age, staying online is more than a luxury — it’s a necessity. But even if you stay in campgrounds that advertise free WiFi, you’ve likely noticed it’s not as simple as just logging on.Although the RV world is slowly catching up to the rest of the universe, many campgrounds still feature WiFi connections whose limited reach or bandwidth can leave you with a slllooooooowwwww connection. And that can be truly frustrating if you’re trying to, say, That’s why WiFi boosters, like the , can be a total godsend. They’re simple to install and can significantly boost your connection, or even provide a backup data connection if the WiFi should fail. You can find them  — but if you’re paying monthly rates for a  you probably already know that’s a worthy investment!3. Outdoor Entertainment SystemsWant to combine the great outdoors with the great indoors?The best way is to install a rockin’ outdoor entertainment system in your rig, so you can enjoy the game and the campfire at the same time. Hey, we never said this post was about compromises.Whether you go all-out with an indoor/outdoor projector system or simply repurpose one of your basement cabinets into a flat screen TV armoire, bringing the big screen outside will help you make the most of your camping trip — especially next time there’s a tailgating party!Luxury MotorhomesHere are some luxury accessories your motorhome might aspire to.3. Smart ControlsHow would you like to control everything in your rig, from your awnings to your slide outs, at the touch of a single button — or even your smartphone?Technology’s made this dream a reality… if you’re willing to pay the price. Lippert’s ONEControl system is available on a variety of 2018 model motorhomes, which means you’ve got to buy new if you want in. But once you see the list of all the control it puts in your hands, you may just be tempted!4. Motorized LevelingNo one wants to hang out in a slanted rig, but leveling can be time- and energy-intensive… especially if you’ve got nothing better than plain old leveling blocks. Don’t get us wrong, they get the job done, but it can take some experimenting.It doesn’t come cheap, but you can take the guesswork out of leveling by installing a motorized system that does it for you, all at the touch of a button. Of course, an aftermarket installation can cost a couple thousand dollars… but who can put a price on staying even?Best Luxury Travel AccessoriesHere are a few more luxury accessories for you to fawn over.5. USB Wall ChargersLooking for affordable gizmos that still feel like luxury accessories? Look no further than these specialized wall plates, which allow you to plug electric gadgets directly into the outlet. They’re available for less than $10 a piece, but they still feel like a major upgrade. Don’t you love when that happens?7. Solar PowerAlright, alright… this is one luxury camping accessory you doubtless already know about. Heck, it’s probably already on your list.But although upgrading to solar is a hefty investment, it pays dividends down the line — especially when you throw in a set of lithium batteries. If you don’t do it for the noise-free boondocking, do it for Mother Earth!GlampingWith the right accessories, any camping trip can feel glammed-up and fabulous, no matter what kind of RV you drive.Not quite done dreaming about your next upgrade? Check out the following posts here on the blog:

Go ahead — treat yourself. You’ve earned it!

Looking for even more RVing tips and tricks — both during the purchase process and for your first camping excursion?


For over 60 years, Armor Lite has been designing and manufacturing high-quality steel trailers. Armor Lite’s 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Missouri allows its team to ensure that the utmost quality is upheld in every build.

Each trailer by Armor Lite is 100% American-made, with a focus on unrivaled precision and detail in design. These trailers make a great choice for the commercial trucking industry due to their extreme durability and reliable design.

DORSEYIn business for over 100 years, Dorsey has long been a trusted name in the commercial trailer industry. Dorsey trailers are designed by skilled craftsmen in Elba, Alabama. Each trailer is carefully designed to ensure that it can meet the rigors of the road. Throughout every step of the design and build process, Dorsey believes in putting their customer first. Backed by a dedicated dealer network, Dorsey has been able to become one of the fastest-growing platform trailer manufacturers in the country



For over 30 years, Galyean has been designing and building acid, chemical, and fertilizer trailers. Today, Galyean also designs stock trailers, using the same protection found on its acid, chemical, and fertilizer trailers for its stock trailers.

In order to create a trailer that can hold up against such caustic environments, Galyean uses a detailed process in which its team blasts the surface of the trailer’s steel down to a near-white finish. Then, a three-step acid wash and phosphorus solution rinse is applied which cleans and etches the steel. Next, high solids, Epoxy paint is applied, followed by a superior DuPont lmron acrylic clear coat finish with added corrosion inhibitors to fight rust. The end result is an extremely durable trailer, which is far more resistant to rock chips and scratches than standard trailers.


Liddell designs and builds the best in heavy-duty trailers. Quality is at the center of everything this company does. Their world-class trailers are designed fully in-house. Liddell handles welding, painting, and servicing, ensuring quality is met in every build. Additionally, Liddell offers custom trailer builds.


When shopping for a car hauler, there is one brand that leads the way — Lohr. Lohr is actually the world’s leading designer and supplier of car haulers. This company has designed and manufactured tens of thousands of car haulers, which are in operation around the globe today.

Lohr’s biggest claim to fame is its invention of the articulated transporter and the detachable transporter.


In the oil and gas industry, Scona has established itself as the premier brand of trailers. The Scona Rig Moving trailer lineup features some of the toughest trailers available in the industry. Scona prides its business on forward-thinking, creating innovative designs with a focus on quality workmanship. With a history of performance, Scona has built its brand on a tradition of excellence.


The #1 selling dry bulk commodity trailers in North America are designed by the trusted brand of Timpte. Timpte designs its trailers to last for life. The goal of this manufacturer is to ensure that their customers don’t need to think twice about whether or not the trailer they purchased will be able to get the job done. Known for its rugged trailer designs and extreme dependability, a Timpte trailer is a quality long-term investment.


When it comes to choosing a trailer that can haul heavy equipment, Towmaster is the trusted name. Towmaster has been designing and engineering top-tier flatbed equipment trailers for over 40 years. Towmaster trailers are known to be easy to use, long-lasting, and safe.

Investing in a Towmaster is an investment in your business. Towmaster offers a wide lineup of trailers including low-deck, tilt-bed, hydraulic dump, large deck-over tag, fifth-wheel drop-deck, hydraulic tail, and lowboy hydraulic detachable gooseneck trailers.


Based out of Mitchell, South Dakota, Trail King is the leading manufacturer in North America of a complete line of trailers. Trail King designs, engineers, and manufactures its trailers to serve across numerous industries including construction, agriculture, transportation, waste and recycling, and specialized hauling. Trail King trailers are known for reliability, durability, and superior performance.

If you are ready to see the top trailer manufacturers of 2021, look no further than Transwest. We carry a premium inventory of commercial trailers designed for every application imaginable. Whether you need a trailer for hauling heavy equipment or a specialized tank trailer for transporting chemicals, we have you covered.

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Freightliner (semi truck manufacturers)

semi truck body shop

Freightliner (a division of Daimler Trucks America) is known for their heavy-duty 8 class diesel trucks as well as 5-7 class trucks.

Freight liner holds 40% of the commercial truck market share in the USA, it sells the most number of trucks in America (about 190k trucks per year). They employ 3000+ workers in their Cleveland, MT, Holly facilities.

Freight liner manufactures on the highway, medium-duty, severe duty & natural gas trucks. It also makes several models and styles of Commerical vehicles. It has top features for drivers and a very affordable price tag and operations cost many drivers select Freightliner.

Freightliner trucks offer day, sleeper, and crew cab options. Their trucks are build to handle all types of loads, and they house a 350-600 horsepower engine.

Freightliner has rolled out an all-electric commercial truck named eCascadia and eM2 106 under the e-mobility brand.

2) PACCAR (semi truck manufacturers )

PACCAR (fortune 500 company) is a medium and heavy-duty truck manufacturer. PACCAR does design, manufacture, and customer support of trucks under Kenworth, Peterbilt, Leyland Trucks, and DAF nameplates.

PACCAR designs and makes powertrains, provides Information technology support and financial services plus it also distributes truck parts to its principal customer-facing business.

Brands under PACCAR:

Kenworth: ( semi truck manufacturers)

semi truck collision repair

Kenworth manufacturer of medium and heavy-duty Class 8 trucks with its HQ at Kirkland, Washington. Kenworth is a PACCAR brand one of three major brands. Kenworth has about a 14% market share, it has grown a lot with annual revenue of 19.1 billion dollars and an estimated 154,000+ trucks sold in 2015.

Kenworth has great navigation and driver-assist technology if you are looking for a user-friendly tractor Kenworth won’t disappoint you. Kenworth is made of some heavy-duty materials so it losses out on fuel savings.

Peterbilt:( semi truck manufacturers)

semi truck fiberglass repair

Peterbilt is an American manufacturer of medium and heavy-duty trucks founded in 1939. It’s a subsidiary of the Paccar brand. Peterbilt has a classic look powerful rig which is made for the wide-open highways.
Peterbilt has been making rugged, reliable, and super-efficient trucks for the Americas for a long time. Head Quartered in Denton, Texas, Peterbilt makes the highway, vocational and medium-duty trucks.
Peterbilt makes up about 13 percent market share. They make high-quality and stylish trucks, which arouse loyalty and pride in the drivers and creates a mood of reliability in the owners.

Peterbilt makes most trucks with alternative fuel options. Some of their trucks have aluminum bodies. This makes them lighter and more fuel-efficient to operate, but you have to look somewhere else if you’re planning on hauling heavy loads.

3) Navistar International (semi truck manufacturers)

semi truck parts

Navistar International is an American holding company that makes International brands in commercial trucks, IC Bus schools, and commercial buses. It was formerly known as International Harvester Company. It also makes workhorse brand chassis for motorhomes and step vans, and Navistar is a private-label designer and manufacturer of diesel engines for the pickup truck, van, and SUV markets.

Lonestar and the LT series, are models of International with good looks and super quality. Navistar has a market share of 11% in the US commercial trucking industry.

Based in Lisle, Illinois, Navistar has 16,500 employees and a 2021 annual revenue of $3.3 billion dollars.

Navistar branded products, parts, and services are sold through a network of 1000 outlets in the USA, Brazil, Canada, and Mexico. They have more than 60 dealers in 90 countries.

The Navistar trucks are known for their performance. These trucks are especially known for power and performance. Such performance makes models like Lonestar particularly apt for deliveries like cattle, horses, and other livestock.

4) Volvo Trucks (semi truck manufacturers)

semi truck fleet painting

Volvo is a leading Swedish heavy truck and engine manufacturing company in the world. It has about 10% market share in the USA. It also owns well-known truck manufacturer MACK trucks. It makes a broad line of on-highway and vocational Class 8 vehicles.

In the USA Volvo ranks fifth, but worldwide ranks second for heavy-duty truck manufacturers. Drivers can be confident they are getting a quality ride with top-notch support and repair network.

Mack Trucks (AB Volvo Subsidairy)

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